Safety appliances provide access and protect employees.

The UTLX DOT117J100W is equipped with end platforms and side safety rails in compliance with AAR Safety Appliance Specification S-2044. This standard is one of the most significant improvements to freight car safety in more than 50 years.

The UTLX DOT117J100W is enhanced with the newly designed end platforms requiring two vertical handholds, one on either end of the sill step, providing three points of contact for a person climbing onto the end platform. The new design, compliant with S-2044, includes more robust handholds that are less awkward to access. This design improvement, along with a wider landing at the top step (18" minimum), provides much surer footing and safety.

The side safety rail is an important safety feature that keeps workers free and clear from under the tank car. The 1 3/4" pipe runs the full length between body bolsters, only interrupted by the side ladder.

UTLX's design ensures safety, ease of accessibility, and stability for the loaders and rail workforce. For more technical information and chapter-and-verse references to the AAR's Specification S-2044, contact your UTLX Customer Service Representative.


  • 1 End Platform Safety Rail
  • 2 End Platform
  • 3 Sill Stop
  • 4 Vertical Hand Hold
  • 5 Side Safety Rail