Top operating platforms, ladders, and decals are key safety features to the shipping industry.

The UTLX DOT117J100W is equipped with an operating platform with side ladders in compliance with AAR Safety Appliance Specification S-2044. Operating platforms provide safe access to the top fittings used in the loading and unloading of the tank car.

The “2-Board” operating platform design utilizes perforated steel boards that run longitudinally on both sides of the fittings nozzle and manway to provide sure footing. The jacket surface between the platform boards is coated with anti-skid paint. Two side ladders, one on each side of the car, are centered on the platform. The stanchions also provide a conveniently located brass grounding lug.

Decals on the sides and top of the car provide loaders, shippers, and others involved in the tank car's use important information about the car. The car's reporting mark and unique car number allow shippers and railroads to identify the car quickly. Inspection and testing due dates of the safety systems and some operational instructions are displayed on the side of the car. All marking of tank cars must adhere to AAR Manual of Standards and Recommended Practices, M-1002, Appendix C and the Field Manual of the AAR Interchange Rules.

Along with the UTLX reporting marks, our THE TANK CAR PEOPLE slogan is proudly displayed in gold on each new DOT117J100W added to the UTLX fleet. You can call your UTLX Customer Service Representative to access all the information about your new car.


  • 1 Side Ladder
  • 2 Platform Handrail
  • 3 Operating Platform
  • 4 Platform Boards
  • 5 Reporting Marks