Union Tank Car keeps important elements safe on top of its tank cars.

The DOT 117J100W general purpose tank car produced by UTLX Manufacturing is equipped with a protective housing to safeguard the fittings, valves, and components mounted on the fittings flange. The housing is engineered to withstand AAR design loads and takes into account multi-directional impacts to which tank cars might be subjected, as well as the strength of the nozzle and the tank shell.

The standard top fittings arrangement consists of a 2” vapor valve and a 3” liquid valve, which is connected through the fittings flange to a siphon pipe. The siphon pipe extends to a sump at the bottom of the car. The flange also mounts a pressure relief valve and a vacuum relief valve. Accessories such as a gauging device, thermowell, and/or a sample line may also be installed on the fittings flange.

Valves and fittings designed by UTLX include:

  • Flanged-by-threaded stainless steel full port ball valves with Teflon
    based seats for both the vapor and liquid valves.
  • An internal spring design pressure relief valve to protect against
    overpressure of the tank.
  • A vacuum relief valve to relieve negative internal pressure.

UTLX Basic Designs specify valves manufactured in the USA at McKenzie Valve & Machining Company, although alternate valve designs are applied upon specific requests. Union Tank Car Company maintains a North American-wide support network including engineers and technicians to provide AAR-certified service for all of your tank car needs.


  • 1 Lock Pin (required)
  • 2 Protective Housing
  • 3 Plug & Chain
  • 4 Gauging Device (optional)
  • 5 Vapor Valve
  • 6 Liquid Valve
  • 7 Fittings Flange
  • 8 Thermowell (optional)
  • 9 Sample Line (optional)
  • 10 Gauging Device Cap (optional)
  • 11 Siphon Pipe
  • 12 Safety Valve
  • 13 Vacuum Relief Valve