UTLX Manway and Manway Cover provide convenience and security.

The UTLX DOT117A100W tank car is equipped with a 20" I.D. inserted manway to allow easy entry into the tank when required. The normalized steel nozzle is fusion-welded to the tank shell for safety, strength, rigidity and long performance. The UTLX manway nozzle features eight fabricated lugs to ensure tight and even clamping pressures are achieved on the gasket between the manway nozzle ring and the manway cover. Also fusion-welded to the nozzle ring is the one-piece hinge lug, which accepts the UTLX AAR-1 Style manway cover assembly with E-Z Lift spring assisted opening.

UTLX's proven manway cover ensures safety, reliability, and easy operation. UTLX manway cover assemblies include an AAR-1 Style manway cover, seven standard 1" eyebolt assemblies, one 1" safety eyebolt assembly and UTLX's very own E-Z Lift manway cover lift assembly.


  • 1 Manway Cover
  • 2 Eyebolt
  • 3 E-Z Lift Spring
  • 4 Eyebolt Lug
  • 5 Hinge Lug